Since 2000, I’ve been creating websites and applications with an eye toward practical navigation. I’ve worked on a range of projects — from consumer to enterprise applications — and enjoy taking complex requirements and bringing them to life as intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces that directly benefit the customer. From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, I’ve designed and improved web experiences for JPMorgan, Wolters Kluwer, and W.W. Norton publishing.

Recently, I’ve been taking front-end development classes in order to be a better collaborator with development teams. I also really love to learn new things, so it’s been a pleasure to discover and develop a new skill.

As a designer, I aim to produce only what is essential in documentation; iterate often in design strategy and the early stages of product development; and rely on the observations of users over opinions. I want what my users want: A simple, instinctual online experience.

Recent Projects

* Publishing Platform
* Medicare Payments Calculator
* Legal Research Application
* Education iOS Application

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