UX Design, Leadership & Strategy

Director of User Experience now, but always a UX Designer at heart. I’m passionate about making beautiful, intuitive products that are easy for people to use.

I’ve led products through the whole user experience process — from the kick-off meeting with the product team to launch, including: requirements gathering, UX analysis, design, supporting development and QA, and user testing.

I veer on the side of practicality. Produce only what is really needed in documentation. Iterate often in design strategy and the early stages of product development. Rely on the observations of users over opinions.

And keep it simple.

Design is a Conversation with Tools

The craft of UX Design is how to use design tools to collaborate with stakeholders and partner product development teams to arrive at a singular, user-centered product vision.

Tight collaboration and design thinking with partner teams leads to better cohesion in product development and ultimately, better products for customers.